Crypto Top10 Basket June 2018

Generally the Crypto market remained under pressure during June, with the Unum Top 10 crypto basket down -22.6% month-on-month..

The Unum Top 10 crypto basket covers almost 82.5% of the entire crypto market (by market cap.), with the Top 5 making up 3/4 of the market. The Top 5 coins remains unchanged, Bitcoin (BTC) remains the dominant crypto with a market cap of $109 bil. and 42.9% market share.


apart from Stellar and Cardano switching places, the major change to the Top 10 is Tether moving up to position 10 from 14th last month due to it being pegged to the US dollar. This may work against the coin in-terms-of ranking if the cryto market turns.

My colleague, Marius Grobler, believes that “… I also think in future time we will see NEO (chinese version of Ethereum) enter the top 10 basket.”

Market capitalization is based on data sourced from

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